The Messenger Telescopes and Instrumentation

The ELT in 2017: The Year of the Primary Mirror

  • Cirasuolo, Michele [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Tamai, Roberto [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Cayrel, Marc [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Koehler, Bertrand [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Biancat Marchet, Fabio [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • González, Juan Carlos [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Dimmler, Martin [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Tuti, Mauro [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • & the ELT team [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]

Telescopes and Instrumentation

The Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) is at the core of ESO’s vision to deliver the largest optical and infrared telescope in the world. With its unrivalled sensitivity and angular resolution the ELT will transform our view of the Universe: from exoplanets to resolved stellar populations, from galaxy evolution to cosmology and fundamental physics. This article focuses on one of the most challenging aspects of the entire programme, the 39-metre primary mirror (M1). 2017 was a particularly intense year for M1, the main highlight being the approval by ESO’s Council to proceed with construction of the entire mirror. In addition, several contracts have been placed to ensure that the giant primary mirror will be operational at first light.

Created: 2018-03-01/2018-03-31
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M. Cirasuolo, R. Tamai, M. Cayrel, B. Koehler, F. Biancat Marchet, J. González, M. Dimmler, M. Tuti, & the ELT team; The ELT in 2017: The Year of the Primary Mirror. The Messenger 171 (March 2018): 20–23.