The Messenger

A Guide to ALMA Operations and Interactions with the Community

  • Zwaan, Martin [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Hatziminaoglou, Evanthia [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Kemper, Francisca [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Testi, Leonardo [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Humpreys, Elizabeth [European Southern Observatory (ESO); Joint ALMA Observatory, Santiago, Chile]
  • Fukagawa, Misato [National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Tokyo, Japan]
  • Remijan, Anthony [National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Charlottesville, USA]
  • Biggs, Andy [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Díaz Trigo, María [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Guglielmetti, Fabrizia [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • van Kampen, Eelco [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Maud, Luke [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Miotello, Anna [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Petry, Dirk [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Popping, Gergö [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Randall, Suzanna [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Stanke, Thomas [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Stoehr, Felix [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]


A primary goal of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) has always been to be a facility accessible to astronomers, radio-interferometry experts and non-experts alike. As a project, it is strongly committed to listening to its users and to utilising this input in decision making and priority setting. Feedback from the community often highlights the perceived complexity of ALMA’s organisational structure and, by extension, a diffuse uncertainty around how to make users’ voices heard. The aim of this article is to provide insight into the functioning of ALMA as an integrated observatory, with an emphasis on science and science operations. We present information on the ways the observatory communicates with the broader community, with a focus on the mechanisms by which the community can provide feedback to the project.

Created: 2021-09-01/2021-09-30
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Zwaan, M., Hatziminaoglou, E., Kemper, F., Testi, L., Humpreys, E., Fukagawa, M., Remijan, A., Biggs, A., Díaz Trigo, M., Guglielmetti, F., van Kampen, E., Maud, L., Miotello, A., Petry, D., Popping, G., Randall, S., Stanke, T., Stoehr, F.; A Guide to ALMA Operations and Interactions with the Community. The Messenger 184 (September 2021): 16–19.