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The 4MOST Strong Lensing Spectroscopic Legacy Survey (4SLSLS)

  • Collett, Thomas E. [University of Portsmouth, UK]
  • Sonnenfeld, Alessandro [Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China]
  • Frohmaier, Chris [University of Southampton, UK]
  • Glazebrook, Karl [Swinburne University of Technology, Australia]
  • Sluse, Dominique [University of Liège, Belgium]
  • Motta, Veronica [University of Valparaìso, Chile]
  • Verma, Aprajita [University of Oxford, UK]
  • Anguita, Timo [Andres Bello University, Santiago, Chile]
  • Koopmans, Leon [University of Groningen, the Netherlands]
  • Tortora, Crescenzo [INAF–Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory, Naples, Italy]
  • Courbin, Frederic [École Polytechnique Fédérale, Lausanne, Switzerland]
  • Cabanac, Remi [Midi Pyrénées Observatory, Toulouse, France]
  • Frye, Brenda [University of Arizona, USA]
  • Smith, Graham P. [University of Birmingham, UK]
  • Diego, Jose Maria [Cantabria Institute of Physics, Santander, Spain]
  • Alteiri, Bruno [ESA – European Space Astronomy Centre, Madrid, Spain]
  • Lopez, Sebastian [University of Chile, Santiago, Chile]
  • Fassnacht, Chris [University of California at Davis, USA]
  • Cooray, Asantha [University of California at Irvine, USA]
  • Goobar, Ariel [Stockholm University, Sweden]
  • Ryczanowski, Dan [University of Birmingham, UK]
  • Serjeant, Stephen [The Open University, UK]
  • Richard, Johan [Lyon Astrophysics Research Centre, France]
  • Treu, Tommaso [University of California at Los Angeles, USA]
  • Moustakas, Leonidas [Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, USA]
  • Li, Rui [University of Chinese Academy of Sciences & National Astronomical Observatories, PR China]
  • Jacobs, Colin [Swinburne University of Technology, Australia]
  • Lemon, Cameron [École Polytechnique Fédérale, Lausanne, Switzerland]
  • Marchetti, Lucia [University of Cape Town, South Africa]
  • Hartley, Phillipa [Square Kilometre Array Observatory, UK]
  • Jullo, Eric [Marseille Astrophysics Laboratory, France]
  • Lee, Chien-Hsiu [NSF’s NOIRLab, USA]
  • Birrer, Simon [Stony Brook University, USA]
  • Fritz, Alexander [Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Garching, Germany]
  • Nightingale, James [Durham University, UK]
  • Napolitano, Nicola [INAF–Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory, Naples, Italy]
  • Plazas, Andres Alejandro [Princeton University, USA]
  • Kruk, Sandor [ESA – European Space Research and Technology Centre, Noordwijk, the Netherlands]
  • Spiniello, Chiara [University of Oxford, UK]
  • Grillo, Claudio [University of Milan, Italy]
  • Suyu, Sherry [Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Garching, Germany]
  • Shajib, Anowar [University of Chicago, USA]
  • Vernardos, Georgios [École Polytechnique Fédérale, Lausanne, Switzerland]
  • Dye, Simon [University of Nottingham, UK]
  • Daylan, Tansu [Washington University in St. Louis, USA]
  • Newman, Jeffrey [University of Pittsburgh, USA]
  • Schuldt, Stefan [University of Milan, Italy]

Astronomical Science

Almost all science that can be done with strong gravitational lenses requires knowledge of the lens and source redshifts. The 4MOST Strong Lensing Spectroscopic Legacy Survey (4SLSLS) will follow up strong lens candidates discovered in the Euclid survey and the Legacy Survey of Space and Time. 4SLSLS will provide pairs of redshifts for 10 000 strong-lensing galaxies (lenses) and background galaxies (sources). Velocity dispersions will also be measured for 5000 lenses. This sample will enable discoveries about the evolution of galaxies, the study of intrinsically faint objects and of the cosmological model.

Created: 2023-03-01/2023-03-31
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