The Messenger Telescopes and Instrumentation

ERIS Science Verifications

  • Concas, Alice [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Davies, Ric [Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Garching, Germany]
  • Petr-Gotzens, Monika G. [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Heida, Marianne [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Kuntschner, Harald [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Leibundgut, Bruno [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Marsset, Michaël [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • De Rosa, Robert J. [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Tacconi-Garman, Lowell [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Wahhaj, Zahed [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Wevers, Thomas [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Parraguez, Diego [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Blanchard, Israel [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]

Telescopes and Instrumentation

The Enhanced Resolution Imager and Spectrograph (ERIS) is the new near-infrared instrument at the Cassegrain focus of Unit Telescope 4 (UT4) of ESO’s Very Large Telescope. Its Science Verification (SV) was scheduled from 2 to 6 December 2022 during which time conditions were mostly good. Most of the planned SV observing programme could be accomplished. Out of 87 submitted proposals 23 observing programmes were scheduled for a total of 40 hours of observations. The allocation had assumed observations in four nights (eight hours each) and included a slight oversubscription. Five of the seven top-ranked proposals could be fully completed, the other two received partial data. In total, eleven programmes could be completed, seven were partially observed and three programmes could not be started. Some smaller technical problems with the adaptive optics affected parts of the observations.

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Concas, A., Davies, R., Petr-Gotzens, M., Heida, M., Kuntschner, H., Leibundgut, B., Marsset, M., De Rosa, R., Tacconi-Garman, L., Wahhaj, Z., Wevers, T., Parraguez, D., Blanchard, I.; ERIS Science Verifications. The Messenger 191 (September 2023): 25–28.