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Report on the ESO workshop: Disks and Planets across ESO Facilities

  • Mérand, Antoine [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Cirasuolo, Michele [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Trigo, María Díaz [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]
  • Leibundgut, Bruno [European Southern Observatory (ESO)]

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The observation of protoplanetary discs and exoplanets is a relatively recent and rapidly evolving research field. Many questions are still being posed, driven by both observations and theoretical developments. Discs and exoplanets now constitute a central observational field in astrophysics, and one of the main motivations for ESO and its community to build the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array and the Extremely Large Telescope. They are also behind many recent and future developments at the Paranal and La Silla observatories. A workshop was held at ESO Headquarters in November/December 2022 to reflect on the role of ESO facilities (present and future) in this landscape.

Created: 2023-09-01/2023-09-30
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Mérand, A., Cirasuolo, M., Trigo, M., Leibundgut, B.; Report on the ESO workshop: Disks and Planets across ESO Facilities. The Messenger 191 (September 2023): 56–57.