KMOS reduced data obtained by standard ESO pipeline processing

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Abstract: This is the release of reduced IFU data cubes from KMOS, the K-band Multi Object Spectrograph. The instrument is located at the VLT UT1 telescope and has 24 image slicer Integral Field Units (IFUs) that can be placed independently in the patrol field of 7.2 arcmin diameter. Five different gratings can be used which are centred at the I+Z, Y+J, H, H+K, and K infrared atmospheric bands thus allowing observations between 0.8 and 2.5 μm. Spectral resolving power depends on the grating and is between 2000 and 4200. This release is an open stream release. It is complete from start of operations on 1st October 2013 until present. Data content is not fixed but grows with time as new data are being acquired and processed (approximately with monthly cadence and with a delay of one to two months). Data reduction is executed first for each IFU containing an object. It includes sky subtraction, flat fielding, wavelength calibration, flux calibration, and cube reconstruction. Telluric absorption features in the individual cube spectra are corrected for.
Other: This is a dynamic dataset; it is growing as new data is added. The DOI refers to the newest available dataset.
DataCurator: Wolff, Burkhard
collection_name:KMOS collection_type:Data Stream instrument:KMOS

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Issued: 2020-05-25