MUSE reduced data obtained by standard ESO pipeline processing, co-added across multiple observations

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Abstract: This is the release of reduced IFU datacubes from the MUSE spectrograph, taken in the Wide Field Mode. MUSE, the Multi-Unit Spectroscopic Explorer, is an Integral Field Spectrograph located at the VLT UT4 telescope. The instru- ment samples almost the full optical wavelength range with a mean resolution of 3000. In the Wide- Field mode (WFM), it has a 1 squared arcmin field of view (FOV) sampling the sky with 0.2 arcsec- onds spatial pixels. In this mode, observations are carried out under natural seeing (WFM-NOAO) or, since 2017, also assisted by the UT4 AO system (WFM-AO). The Narrow-Field mode (NFM) has a FOV of 7.4”x7.4” and samples with 0.025 arcseconds spatial pixels. It is offered since P103 and is supported by laser tomography, as NFM-AO. Where multiple visits of the same target exist, with multiple OBs, the deep datacube combines the input files from these OBs with the goal to reach the maximum possible depth of the observations. There are also many OBs that visit a given target only once, and then no deep datacube exists. Therefore, the MUSE and the MUSE-DEEP releases are generally complementary. This release is an open stream release. The release covers the two MUSE Science Verification periods in June and August 2014, and data from the regular MUSE operations which started in September 2014. Data from the AO Science Verification period in August and September 2017 are also included. Depending on the availability of an end-of-run signal, new data are processed within a month or two after that signal, or with a larger delay in some cases.
Other: This is a dynamic dataset; it is growing as new data is added. The DOI refers to the newest available dataset.
DataCurator: Hanuschik, Reinhard
collection_name:MUSE-DEEP collection_type:Data Stream instrument:MUSE

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Issued: 2017-05-11