ePESSTO+, the advanced Public ESO Spectroscopic Survey of Transient Objects

  • Inserra, Cosimo
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European Southern Observatory (ESO)
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Abstract: ePESSTO+ (advanced Public ESO Spectroscopic Survey of Transient Objects – ESO program IDs 1103.D-0328 and 106.216C) started in April 2019 at the New Technology Telescope using the instruments EFOSC2 and SOFI. It is the second extension of the PESSTO survey (PI: Smartt). It typically targets supernovae and optical transients brighter than 20 mag for classification and selected science targets for detailed follow-up. Standard EFOSC2 setups are used providing spectra with resolutions of 13-17Å between 3680-10320Å. A subset of the brighter science targets is selected for SOFI spectroscopy with the blue and red (rarely) grisms (resolutions 23Å - 33Å) and imaging with broadband JHKs filters.
Other: This is a dynamic dataset; it is growing as new data is added. The DOI refers to the newest available dataset.
DataCurator: Müller-Bravo, Tomás
DataCurator: Gromadzki, Mariusz
DataCurator: Kankare, Erkki
DataCurator: Nicholl, Matt
DataCurator: Anderson, Joseph
DataCurator: Chen, Ting-Wan
DataCurator: Yaron, Ofer
DataCurator: Young, Dave
collection_name:ePESSTOplus collection_type:Public Survey instrument:EFOSC instrument:SOFI

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References: https://archive.eso.org (URL)